Some insight on Interdigital Neuroma

Recently a client came to me complaining about severe pain between her fourth and fifth metatarsals (those are the bones on your feet that connect to your tarsals- your toes). She had been diagnosed by both an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist as having Morton’s Neuroma, also known as interdigital neuroma, which is a nerve inflammation believed to be caused by an enlarged nerve confined between the¬†deep transverse metatarsal ligament and the pressure from the ground with each step.

Both specialists suggested surgery to remove the inflamed nerve, cautioning that success wasn’t guaranteed. My client, wary of surgery and reluctant to be off her feet for six weeks following the procedure, ¬†asked me if massage could help.

Following some research I found an excellent article by Tim Agnew, a kinesiologist based in Sarasota, Florida. As with most acute conditions that can be helped with massage, real healing happens when the client becomes involved in the process. Following my previous knowledge from my training and Tim Agnew’s recommendations, I focused my work on trigger points on the various calf muscles that can contribute to the pain pattern, and I performed gentle massage and stretches in the affected area to help create some space so that the inflamed nerve wouldn’t cause so much discomfort.

We also used guided imagery to support her healing process, which was recently hailed as an effective adjunct tool in

While my client did experience some relief, significant change can happen if she herself daily performs the prescribed stretches and massages her foot as directed. We will see in a few weeks if a weekly massage and her own commitment to solving her problem will have the desired result.

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