Santa Barbara’s SolFood Festival

Saturday September 29th, from 10am to 6pm

The festival is a month away, but you can already sign up here to volunteer!

Eating locally grown food free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has become synonomous with wellness and vitality. Lately, you can’t read a newspaper or magazine without hearing of the latest research highlighting the health benefits of eating food grown as near to you as possible. Here in this beautiful Mediterranean climate of Santa Barbara we are so blessed to have multitudes of local and organic farmers right on our doorstep. This fall, grassroots organization SolFood is once again holding their festival to delight our palates and inspire our minds.

The SolFood festival is a community created festival with the sole intention of raising awareness of the local, organic and sustainable food systems of, in and surrounding Santa Babara County. The festival creators (and a lot of local foodies) believe that good quality food is not only one of the most important gifts you can give your body and the environment but that it should also be accessible and afforable. The festival features demonstrations, workshops, engaging speakers, and activities that highlight how we as individuals and as a community can participate in the local, organic and sustainable food movement. The festival will also feature artisan beers, local wine and of course local, fresh, super tasty food choices highlighting the farms and  farmers who grew/raised the food.

Solfood Festival will take place on Saturday, September 29th from 10am-6pm in the Plaza de Vera Cruz park- right across from the Farmers Market!

Organizers are looking for volunteers, if you are interested you can sign up here!

Save the date, grab your sun hat and plan on a full day of music, local and organic food, inspiring conversations, and a chance to really get in touch with where your food comes from and why it’s important to know.

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