A first response to the Movement Lab

I asked a friend of mine to listen to the first sample of the Movement Lab and write about her experience. Here it is:

I just experienced the Gentle Movement sample and already, I can feel the subtle shift in my nervous system and muscular/skeletal systems. Nicky’s peaceful and reverant voice lingers in my mind as I write this. Her words are soothing and warm, and gently guide  us through easy and stimulating movements and breath awareness.

When engaging in the movement, inhaling and exhaling as my body eases into expansion and contraction, I felt an immediate effect. I loved the subtlety of the actions coupled with the sweetness of the sounds that allow the listener to access whatever level of depth they choose to put their energy towards. At one point in the sample, there is movement that relates to expanding and contracting- opening the body and closing the body- I found that very useful and accesible. These are actions one could take into their every day experience and apply them as neccessary; in line at the grocery store, while sitting at an office desk, in the car stuck in traffic, or in quiet solitude with full awareness and intention.

The sample closes with Nicky referring to the three dantien. In Chinese medicine these are the three centers for physical, emotional and mental energies. As I followed her guidance and held my hands over each of the three centers, my eyes teared up. The sweetness in tuning into the inate wisdom of my body, the awareness of my being inside this body,  filled me with gratitude. It is so easy in these modern times, to lose sight of the more subtle aspects of our nature, our being. In such a short and simple way, this was a loving reminder to tune in, hold space and give thanks for the spirit housed in this shell, the spirit that truly makes living this life a joy.

I ended the sample wanting more. I came out of only ten minutes with a greater awareness of my breath, a sense of calm and tranquility, an appreciation for my body and it’s ability to hold and carry me about this earthly plane, and a desire for more.  I look forward to participating in a new practice each week and revisiting the current practices as often as I choose. I find this practice to be a wonderful way to wake up in the morning and to go to sleep each night, as well as on lunch breaks and pretty much anytime I need to tune in and center.  Find a comfortable place where you can give just ten minutes of your time, and try out this gentle movement sample. I can assure you, in whatever capacity it suits you, in whatever way you are seeking clarity, quietude, movement or awareness, Nicky will offer it to you with grace and love.

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