The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab offers you gentle movement and relaxation guidance.

It is an invitation to connect with your body from a place of gentleness and compassion,  using principles of Qigong, to help you achieve greater health, vitality and peace.

In 5 to 10 minutes sessions, I talk you through easy and gentle movements intended to increase your breathing capacities, improve joint mobility, balance, and sensory awareness.

Experience these recordings for FREE:

Connecting Heaven and Earth and Opening the Spine

Shoulder Release

Want more guidance and variety?  Purchase and download these modules (each module come with instructions on how to optimize your practice)

Gentle movement and energy flow (5 sessions) – $1.29

Foundational concepts (3 sessions) – $.89

Organ Awareness and Vitality (4 sessions) $1.09

All three modules (12 sessions) $2.09


You can find out more about the Movement Lab here:

Movement Lab FAQ’s



For more  information on Qigong, read here.

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