Hands for Haiti – we did it!

During the weekend of the fundraiser Jenna Humphreys, the midwife-in-training who inspired the event, assisted in the delivery of two babies at the Soley Lavi birth center. After seeing the pictures of the event she wrote ” I am deeply humbled and honored that so much support gathered behind me and the clinic. I feel bolstered to sally forth and bring midwifery to all corners of the world! “

We were very happy to nearly reach our fundraising goal. We were able to help cover rent for one month for the whole Natural Birth Center, and tuition for one month for Jenna.

While waiting for their massages, guests sipped fresh mint water and nibbled on raw coco truffles and orange-almond cake, while listening to beautiful live music by Valarie Mullberry, Bryan Snider and Nicola Gordon.  Have you ever received a massage with live music being played for you? There is something magical about it.


“This is so relaxing. You transformed the parking lot into an outdoor living room!” said one guest, while another, after receiving a treatment, said with a sigh and a smile: “I needed this!”

I am very grateful to all those who came and supported this vision, and to those who made it happen. Two of my oldest and dearest friends came early to help set up, and people I had just met spent hours giving massages or helping make the space beautiful and then break it down.

We really enjoyed hosting

this event and we look forward

to doing something similar again in the future!

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