Movement Lab FAQ’s

Why is the Movement Lab offered in audio format?

The Movement Lab is an invitation to connect with your inner self. As a listener, you are encouraged to go inward, maybe close your eyes, look away from the computer and the clutter of your everyday life and connect with your internal sensations. With an audio recording, you have the freedom to disengage from the outer world and let your mind, body and spirit tune into the peace within.

How can I benefit from such a short practice?

Many people are challenged to find time to take care of themselves, whether through exercise , meditation or preparing healthy meals. The five to ten minute recordings are for ease of use for you the practitioner, to allow you to access the healing benefits with a small time commitment. Finding five to ten minutes in your day to take care of yourself is all that is needed to begin to experience the advantages of the program. If  you would like a longer practice, you can save two or three of your favorite recordings and put them all in one playlist and then listen to them together.

Is the Movement Lab practice safe for me?

The Movement Lab is a gentle practice for all ages and levels. Listen to your body and to move with ease. Allow the movement to happen and not force anything. Always move your body with awareness and if something is painful or tight, back off. If you need support for balance, try the practice seated or standing with your hand on the back of a chair.

If you have a medical condition, especially sprains, fractures, dizziness or respiratory ailments, please check with your doctor before beginning the program. This practice is not intended to treat or cure any illness or replace any treatment.

When is the best time to practice?

My teacher Matthew Jones says “The best time to practice is when you do it.”  Pick a time that is the easiest for you, when you know you can commit to it. Be practical; many people think the morning is the best time but then find their mornings too hectic to really stay committed. Maybe the best time is on a fifteen minute break from work in the afternoon or right before dinner.

More advanced Qigong practices can get specific about the optimal time to practice depending on what you have going on in your body – if you are interested in more information about this, please contact Nicky.

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