Essential Oils for you!

I recently had the pleasure to drive up to Rivendell, a beautiful organic lavender farm on the road to Ojai, and stocked up on a variety of exquisite essential oils.
There, Sandi Messori grows, harvests and distills several different kinds of lavender and other aromatic herbs with sensitivity and care. I have happily used her oils before, and I intend to continually have them in stock for your massages.
I listed below the varieties I have available at the moment, along with Sandi’s description of their properties. The healing powers of essential oils have been known for centuries. You can book an appointment and smell for yourself!

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia ‘ Rivendell Estate Blend’10 different varieties of organically grown Lavandula angustifolia distilled together: High sweet powdery notes, good for perfumery, emotional therapy and stress.

Lavandin –  Lavandula intermedia–  Used in aromatherapy for respiratory ailments, muscle pain, and circulatory distress and as an anti-viral.

Lavender/ Immortelle -The idea for this oil came from a suggestion by John Steele to do a co-distillation of Helichrysum italicum and Lavender. It is the last picking of her beautiful blue Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ which distills surprisingly well.  She then added some of her first pick of the golden blooming Helichrysum italicum. This oil has a complex scent,  a lovely sexy lavender with an underground warm toasty honey after-note from the Heli. It is described as a molecularly melded magical oil with a synergy of the healing properties of Helichrysum and the soothing properties of Lavender.

Cedar, Incense : Calocedrus decurrens: Organically grown, sensitively distilled at Rivendell, According to Debbie Freund of Scents and Scentsibility, this is the oil you would want to have around in a “Pandemic” The presence of Limonene and Pinene in this oil makes it anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  It can be used diluted down in massage blends for detoxifying, a drop in the bath for cellulite, lymphotonic.  Inhale for respiratory, one drop in glass of water to gargle for sore throat.

If you’d like to learn more or perhaps order some of Sandi’s fine products click here: Rivendell Aromatics

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