Detox Massage and Consultation Package

Enjoy the deep healing and cleansing effects of lymphatic massage combined with a personalized detox consultation with my new collaborator and Holistic Health Coach Sara Remick.

You can purchase your package here.

Start off the year with doing something truly fabulous for yourself. This package includes two lymphatic drainage massages with Nicky and a one hour consultation with Sara. Sara will meet with you and assess your personal detoxification goals and provide you with the tools and resources to help you cleanse your body for lasting changes.

Lymphatic massage aims to optimize your body’s waste processing functions and can help boost any detoxification program. The lymph system processes cellular waste material that doesnt directly return to the blood system.  The lymphatic system, comprised of a vast network of vessels and lymph nodes, is essentially our bodies recycling system. Lymphatic massage reduces fluid retention in the extremeties, bloating in the abdominal region and helps flush out accumulated toxins. For additional information on lymphatic massage click here.

We recommend booking your massages within a week to 10 days of each other, and the consultation in between those two appointments. For the month of January this package is offered at $165 ($255 value)

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