The simple power of Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Following the cranial-sacral therapy class I took this last winter, I have started offering sessions on a donations basis to some of my regular clients. While the effects of this work can be very subtle and hard to perceive, one of my clients recently experienced a remarkable shift after just one session.

Cranial-sacral therapy is a branch of osteopathy, and its application is very well suited to the skills and inclinations of massage therapists. On a very basic level, I draw on the same qualities whether I am tuning in and being present to what happens on a muscular level when I do deep tissue massage, or whether I am attempting to feel the very subtle variations that occur at the level of the cerebral-spinal fluid.

The cerebral-spinal fluid is a continuous body of fluid which surrounds our brain and our central nervous system (our central nervous system extends all the way to our sacrum). The production and excretion of this fluid is believed to create a cycle of expansion and retraction. The twelve separate bones of our skull in turn move in specific (and very subtle) patterns of flexion and extension to accommodate for this flow.

Trauma at birth, stress or injuries, can hamper this very complex process. Cranial-sacral therapy aims at restoring the free flow of this complex and still poorly understood process. As in regular massage therapy, the main outcome is increased overall wellness, but a vast array of symptoms can be addressed through this technique.

Recently I have had very positive results helping people with chronic sinusitis as well as tinnitus. The client I first mentioned had been experiencing ringing in her right ear for about six weeks, as well as a some hearing loss. Standard hearing tests showed nothing amiss. We did a full hour session of cranial sacral therapy. She called me the next day to report she had the first full night of restful sleep in over a month, the ringing had almost disappeared, and she felt her hearing was restored to normal. We both agreed it was impossible to tell if this shift was a direct result of the work we had done, but it was clear that she was feeling much better!

You will find more information about cranial-sacral therapy here.

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