Essential Oils for you!

I recently had the pleasure to drive up to Rivendell, a beautiful organic lavender farm on the road to Ojai, and stocked up on a variety of exquisite essential oils. There, Sandi Messori grows, harvests and distills several different kinds of lavender and other aromatic herbs with sensitivity and care. I have happily used her oils […]

Aimee’s Hot Stone Deep Tissue

  Aimee combines Deep Tissue techniques with the use of hot stones to help loosen tight muscles in specific areas. The heat of the stones helps increase blood flow and reduce inflammation.   First she rubs the tight area with the heated stones to warm and relax the muscles, then she applies Deep Tissue techniques […]

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is one of our bodies’ 11 systems (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, etc) and is an integral part of our immune system. It is comprised of lymph vessels that carry waste material from our cells to lymph nodes where these materials are broken down into safe and useable molecules for our bodies. Lymph nodes […]

A new way to book your massages!

Check out my new online scheduling service! Simply click on this link and then on the “book now” button. You can view my availability and  schedule your next massage directly: Book online now!

Need Sleep? Get a massage!

Many of my clients often report having had the best night of sleep in ages after they receive a massage. Read this excellent article  in explaining why.

Love this client’s feedback!

Received this wonderful e-mail from one of my regular clients this morning: My dear one, I think your energy work and your massage and your caring heart did a lot for my knee yesterday. Woke up to a less painful knee, swelling way down, and more movement (…) Anyway you surely played a role in […]

Physical or Energetic?

A new client recently asked me the difference between accupressure points and trigger points, and how that difference informed my perspective when I blended thai massage and barefoot deep tissue. Her question points to the fascinating interplay between the energetic and physical, and this is how I have come to understand it (this may evolve, […]

What is the best time to receive a massage?

As I get more busy (thank you everyone!), I realize that many of my clients want to book a massage in the evening. While this does make some sense for people who work regular office hours (though who would expect their dentist to see them after 7pm?), one does not need to receive a massage […]

What is Barefoot Deep Tissue?

The question I most often get is: Is that the one where you step on people?…well, no, not exactly. I do use my feet as a tool for massage. If I am standing, I always have one foot on the ground, and often use a stick for balance and safety. I use my foot to […]