Massage Benefits: The New York Times

In case you needed another good reason to get a massage! From the New York Times: Benefits of Massage Are More Than Skin Deep Researchers found that a single session of massage caused biological changes, like increases in oxytocin, a hormone associated with contentment.

Back from Bali

I returned a couple of weeks ago and I am still taking in the richness of my travels in Bali. Teresa Taylor,  from Paradise Found, a lovely little shop in downtown Santa Barbara, very eloquently describes in her newsletter what the month of September can be for all of us, and I certainly hope so […]

Stimulate your Reflex Points

Give yourself a little reflexology session whenever you want! This little tool is very affordable, and using it regularly will do your feet, and your whole body, a great deal of good. You simply roll your foot on the roller, either from a seated position, or standing, which will also help enhance your balance. The […]

All about Trigger Points

Those of you already familiar with my work know a little bit about trigger points. A trigger point is a microscopic contracture knot that is sensitive when pressed upon. It can cause pain locally or in a specific referred pain pattern. For example, trigger points in the gluteus medius muscle cause a specific type of […]