Qigong Handout – Intro

For the Qigong Class starting Tuesday, May 21: (noon at Alice Keck Park) Qigong Handout – intro Qigong Organ Vitality sequence

Movement Lab FAQ’s

Why is the Movement Lab offered in audio format? The Movement Lab is an invitation to connect with your inner self. As a listener, you are encouraged to go inward, maybe close your eyes, look away from the computer and the clutter of your everyday life and connect with your internal sensations. With an audio recording, […]

A first response to the Movement Lab

I asked a friend of mine to listen to the first sample of the Movement Lab and write about her experience. Here it is: I just experienced the Gentle Movement sample and already, I can feel the subtle shift in my nervous system and muscular/skeletal systems. Nicky’s peaceful and reverant voice lingers in my mind […]

Qigong Practice Series starts on September 4!

Introduction to Qigong and  Therapeutic Movement a four-week series Tuesdays from 12:15pm to 1pm, at Alice Keck Park.  Starting September 4. 4 sessions – $30 (sliding scale available) Sign up here, or call at 680-9208. In this four week series I will be sharing with you basic qigong practices I have learned from Roger Jahnke and […]

The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab offers you gentle movement and relaxation guidance. It is an invitation to connect with your body from a place of gentleness and compassion,  using principles of Qigong, to help you achieve greater health, vitality and peace. In 5 to 10 minutes sessions, I talk you through easy and gentle movements intended to increase your […]

Qigong and the Five Phases

“The Five Elements are not elements so much as activities” John Blofeld More commonly referred to as Five Element Theory, using the word phase instead of element more accurately reflects the dynamic nature of the relationship between the elements and how they relate to the seasons and our organ systems. The Daoists observed that five basic […]

What is Qigong?

According to Roger Jahnke, one of my main teachers, Qigong can be translated as the “cultivation of vital energy”. Qigong originated in China over 3000 years ago, and is still practiced in modern day China. The hundreds of different forms that have evolved in the country are based on ancient Daoist ideas, which are also the basis […]