Brennan School of Healing – Presentation

We have a new office-mate at the Gibian Wellness Center. Naomi Romulo is a recent graduate of a 4-year energy healing program. She will be presenting her work at the center on Saturday, August 14th, at 2pm.

In her words:
Life offers so many gifts that we do not seek out, are unable to receive, or even reject simply out of lack of awareness and understanding.  I am offering a free informational talk simply because I am inspired and hopeful about this body of work and I want to raise awareness and understanding of Brennan Healing so we can all benefit more greatly from this gift. 

The Barbara Brennan Schools of Healing are a “cauldron” that holds, sparks, and enables deep personal growth.  For those with the longing to become healers or those who long for a powerful catalyst in their own transformation I would like to share my experience of BBSH.  There are three schools, in Florida, Austria, and Japan.  The US school offers a Bachelors of Science degree program.  All offer a Professional and Advanced Studies programs.

To everyone I would like to present Brennan Healing as a viable option in health care.  The work is wholistic.  It can powerfully effect physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.  Each client’s journey to greater health is supported (and also held and sparked) by the hands on healing work done with a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.

I hope to see you August 14th, 2pm, Gibian Wellness Center, 1522 State St.  My phone number is 451-3932.  You can also RSVP to

With sincere hope for greater expression of your divine essence,

Naomi Romulo

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