Inspriration for Pregnant Women

Lately I’ve been working more frequently with pregnant women. I am really enjoying helping future moms relax and feel more comfortable as their bodies adjust to carrying a baby. Next week I will have the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the pregnancy massage class at Body Therapy Institute, Santa Barbara. All of this has inspired me to share with you a beautiful poem by Sheila Kitzinger noted British social anthropologist, birth educator, and author, about the experience of many third trimester women:

A woman with child, melon-ripe, peach-firm.

Blood, grape-red, rushes in her veins

swirls in the cavern of her pelvis

pours through placenta and pulsing cord.

She sees, hears, smells, touches more keenly

with animal vitality.

She is a ship sailing on a swelling sea

toward a sure harbor.

You can find this poem in her book, Celebration of Birth.


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