The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is one of our bodies’ 11 systems (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, etc) and is an integral part of our immune system. It is comprised of lymph vessels that carry waste material from our cells to lymph nodes where these materials are broken down into safe and useable molecules for our bodies. Lymph nodes are also able to process harmful environmental toxins and allergens.

There are many conditions affecting lymph function. Excess use of muscles, injuries, and surgeries can hamper the proper flow of lymph and overload the lymph nodes, preventing them from doing their filtering and recycling work optimally.

Lymphatic massage aims at facilitating the flow of lymph with specialized gentle strokes and a comprehensive understanding of the lymphatic network. One example that I look forward to applying in my sessions is this: in an area of restriction, say a tight shoulder, not only are the muscles constricted, but the lymph vessels in the area are effected as well. To fully release the shoulder, lymphatic massage can be added to the deep tissue work to assist in softening the tissues and restoring full range of motion.

Lymphatic massage can also be very useful if swelling occurs after surgeries, particularly knee replacement and ankle fractures. It can also be used as a full body detoxification treatment, which is often indicated for people undergoing dietary cleanses.


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