Back from Bali

I returned a couple of weeks ago and I am still taking in the richness of my travels in Bali. Teresa Taylor,  from Paradise Found, a lovely little shop in downtown Santa Barbara, very eloquently describes in her newsletter what the month of September can be for all of us, and I certainly hope so for myself: a time to “digest” my travel experiences before rushing into the next big project. For now I will just say that I had a delightful encounter in a beautiful spa in Ubud and got to learn some very neat massage tricks there!

Time is on your side! (by Teresa Taylor, owner Paradise Found)

As summer winds down, the hours of daylight shorten until we reach the fall equinox where the perfect equilibrium honors equal day, equal night. I have already noticed the quality of light shifting from the directness of summer to the angled beauty of fall. Leaves will begin to turn, and we again have the opportunity to turn inward in self-examination and introspection.
It is a perfect time to take stock of our metaphysical harvest, clean out internal debris, and check in on our own state of balance. What’s in, or out of balance? What corrective measure do I want to take to create a greater sense of balance? As we create greater balance in our lives, we create greater balance in our communities, nations, and, ultimately, for our planet.
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