Essential Oils for you!

I recently had the pleasure to drive up to Rivendell, a beautiful organic lavender farm on the road to Ojai, and stocked up on a variety of exquisite essential oils. There, Sandi Messori grows, harvests and distills several different kinds of lavender and other aromatic herbs with sensitivity and care. I have happily used her oils […]

Qigong and the Five Phases

“The Five Elements are not elements so much as activities” John Blofeld More commonly referred to as Five Element Theory, using the word phase instead of element more accurately reflects the dynamic nature of the relationship between the elements and how they relate to the seasons and our organ systems. The Daoists observed that five basic […]

Couple’s Massage Special

  Couple’s Massage Special Celebrate your connection with your loved one and feel fabulous together! $140 for both.  We can come to your home at no extra charge. Available from February 9 to February 14. Book here.