Massage With a Caring Heart

Nicky LaFleur

nickyA graduate of the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, Nicky has long been guided by an awareness of the connection between body care and quality of life. She cares holistically for her own body and brings this approach to each of her massage sessions. Her serene and open manner sets clients at ease and enables them to relax fully and get the most out of their treatments.

After exploring various career paths from marine biology to community event planning, Nicky found her true vocation as a massage therapist. Her practice is enhanced by her knowledge of reflexology, visceral physiology, meridian mapping, and Reiki, as well as her love of dance and movement. Nicky also prepares healthy gourmet food for groups and special events.
Nicky LaFleur is a Certified Massage Therapist with the California Massage Therapist Council.

Aimee Roy

Photo of Aimee RoyAimee Roy joined Massage with a Caring Heart after graduating from Santa Barbara Bodyworks. She is passionate about the mind/body/spirit connection, and believes in the healing power of touch. She was drawn to Nicky’s approach to Barefoot Deep Tissue and began studying with her in August 2011. This work complements her training in Deep Tissue and her interest in helping people live healthy and painfree lives. Like Nicky, she is continually learning new massage modalities. Aimee’s background in Psychology and Studio Arts gives her a unique sensitivity and awareness.

What Clients Are Saying

  • It’s amazing what can happen in an hour! I feel like I’ve been on vacation for two weeks.


    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Nicky has the magic touch!


    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Beneath Nicky’s hands (and feet), I feel completely relaxed, and confident that together we can find the best way to relieve my muscle tension. Her massages are intuitive and loving—by staying present and inquisitive, she is able to attend effectively to my body’s needs.


    Santa Barbara, CA

  • I love the way Nicky can do very deep and focused work and still provide a very gentle and nurturing massage.

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Your hands are so strong and thorough. I always love the feeling at the end of our session together.


    Santa Barbara, CA

  • I could feel the caring heart!


    Santa Barbara, CA