Woman getting a massage

Deep and Gentle Massage

We specialize in Barefoot Thai Massage. We combine gentle, deep compressions—using our feet as instruments to relieve muscle tightness—with assisted stretches and acupressure to loosen joints and relax the body holistically. Each session is uniquely adapted to the needs of the client, with the intention of restoring vitality, increasing range of motion, and relieving pain.

man getting shoulder massaged by foot

Barefoot compressions are ideally suited for individuals with chronic muscle pain or fatigue from injuries, overuse, and repetitive movement. Competitive athletes and people who exert their bodies on a daily basis benefit greatly from this work. Assisted stretches help the body recover its natural flexibility and relieve tightness in the joints. The effect is both deeply relaxing and revitalizing.

In addition to Barefoot Thai, we offer nurturing and thorough Swedish massage and pregnancy massage.